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Inspection Information

Domestic Properties

Did you know there is no obligation on the seller or the purchaser to disclose the condition of the electrical system in a domestic residence?

How do you know the wiring is in good condition and is suitable for the electrical loads?

Has any unlicensed electrical work been done on the residence?

Do the safety switches provide protection for all power outlets and lights?

A house may look in good condition and have modern looking electrical fittings.

The purchaser of an existing residence may face expensive repair bills if there are issues or unexpected problems with the electrical installation.

Having an electrical installation inspection carried out prior to purchasing a new property could identify all of these areas of concern.

Don’t risk a potentially expensive situation and have an electrical inspection carried out before you purchase.

It is our role to identify and report on the condition of your electrical installation.

Non-complaint main earth

Power outlet behind cabinet

Unsafe shed wiring

Corrosion on main earth pipe

Commercial Properties

Several factors need to be considered when moving into a new commercial property.

With many businesses moving several times as they expand and grow, the electrical system of each property may have been modified and added to many times to suit individual businesses.

Over time and constant use, some items of the electrical installation may become damaged or fatigued without any indication. This could lead to an expensive failure or breakdown.

We can carry out an inspection of your premises and provide a report on its’ condition and advise as to legislative requirements and any necessary repairs/modifications.  We have carried out audits on various sites, for examples Sugar Mills, Airports, Hospitals.

A pneumatic drill to start an electric motor

A circuit breaker replacing old fuse

Example of old non-compliant switchboard

A mixture of electrical and fire detection
cables in a ceiling.

Medical Facilities

We provide the inspection and certification services for all types of Medical facilities, as required by Australian Standard AS3003.

This includes Body and Cardio Protected areas in locations such as –

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Dental Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Aged Care Facilities