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Company Overview

Independent Electrical Advisors was established in 2006 to assist Contractors and Businesses in their endeavours to keep up with the changes to Legislation in the electrical industry. Experience and versatility are the keynotes of the range of speciality services provided by Independent Electrical Advisors.  Our aim is to provide assistance, technical support and guidance to businesses, industry and the public. We aim to work with electrical contractors and general businesses, enabling them to operate more efficiently and in line with the current Legislation and Standards.

Independent Electrical Advisors can also provide assistance and advice to domestic residences and non-electrical businesses to ensure their electrical installations are compliant and safe. It is our intention to identify any non-compliance or operational issues.  It is not our intention to identify issues with the purpose of generating additional work for our business to carry out any rectification works.

It is the aim of IEA to assist Contractors in implementing and keeping abreast of changes in industry standards and practices, to ensure compliance in the legislation of the Electrical Industry.

Scope of Work

The Independent Electrical Advisors team have experience in the operations and upgrades to –

  • High and Low Voltage Power Distribution Systems
  • Water and Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • Lifts/Elevator maintenance
  • General electrical installations

Geoff and his team were also involved in the construction of several of the Whitsunday Island resorts including –

  • Hamilton Island
  • Club-Med Lindeman Island
  • Long Island
  • Hook Island.

They have also worked on various charter boats and Geoff has since gained his qualification as a Marine Electrical Surveyor.

Geoff is a former Electrical Safety Office Inspector with the Department of Electrical Safety in Queensland.  He also has comprehensive Sales Experience in industrial electrical products.

Our Team

Geoff and his team bring to Independent Electrical Advisors a combination of experience, skills and knowledge of the electrical industry ranging from installations, both commercial and domestic, safety and training, legislative and investigative requirements, Marine Electrical surveying and electrical sales and service.  Geoff is dedicated to using these vast skills to increase electrical safety throughout Queensland.

Below is a summary of Geoff’s work experience:

  • Electrical Licence since 1985.
  • Trained and experienced working with electrical equipment used in hazardous areas (EEHA)
  • 10 Years Electrical Inspector.
  • 10 Years operating own business.
  • Certified Open Communications Cabler.
  • Certificate 4 Training and Assessing.
  • AMSA accredited Marine Electrical Surveyor.
  • Electrical Industry since 1981.
  • Over ten years of power generation and distribution, system maintenance and operations.
  • Trained and certified Auditor to 9001 QA
  • Management Roles – Including Manager of the Hamilton Island Power House and Club-Med Lindeman Island Electrical department.